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Following Jesus Through The Four Gospels

As I pondered where to go next after I completed a study in the book of Zephaniah this is what the Lord placed on my heart. It began after the Spirit of God whispered “is it lawful” in my heart when sorrow overwhelmed me as I scrolled through social media reading Christian article headlines. I did a phrase search on “is it lawful” and thus began the burden for a new study.  On June 1st 2021 I chose to begin writing a study that would take someone chronologically through the Gospels

Join me as we follow the life of Jesus through chronologically digging into the four Gospels. This is a study in the writing process. The Google Doc link I am sharing below is a living document that will grow and develop through my journey with Jesus. You may also follow this study on my Proven Path Instagram and Facebook.

Free Downloadable Study

I often write Bible studies as I prepare to teach. I add PDF’s of these studies to my website for anyone who would like to have them for personal study or small groups. The latest PDF study is a study that I wrote to use as I served a local college women’s athletic team.

The Story of Redemption is a short three week Bible study that will take someone through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation by way of the covenants that the Lord made with people in order to restore us to Himself. This is a tool for a believer to get an overview of the Bible and to be introduced to the basics of Scripture that will deepen the assurance of their salvation in Christ.

Click the link below to download your own copy of The Story of Redemption

Be Prolific


I had the opportunity to partner with echurch giving and participate in an book project with over 25 other Christian innovators.

The final product is ready and here it is!


Be Prolific Cover

Prolific (adj.): producing much fruit, producing many works, high-scoring, plentiful, abundant, creative, productive, inventive.

All the Things we Don’t Have – New Year’s Resolutions are typically the time of year to reflect on the things we don’t have or don’t do. Don’t eat out so much. Do more exercise. Don’t be so negative and depressed, etc. More often than not, these resolutions are woven together with complicated emotions such as guilt, regret, and shame. The result is that, through great self-control, we keep our new promises for 30 days or so, and then go back to our old routines, still carrying along our companions of guilt, shame, and the like.

It was Always Meant to Be Excess – We’re turning the tables for 2015, choosing to emphasize our excess rather than our lack. The best single word we found to describe this perspective is prolific. It’s a word that contains elements of abundance, creativity, productivity, plenty, and just general excess.

Isn’t Excess a Dirty Word? – Excess can be a strange word to accept, as it has been used in a derogatory manner, especially as it relates to our American way of life. However, we’re reclaiming the definition. Our cups were meant to run over, not with material goods necessarily, but with action-values such as generosity, gratitude, compassion, and celebration. Powerful words that prompt a way of life, prompt community engagement, and shift our perspective to our blessings rather than our lack.

It’s Time to Do Success Different! – We gave the above text as a writing prompt to over 25 of our favorite Christian innovators, writers, thinkers, and doers. What you’re about to read are their unfiltered responses. Be inspired!

Wait, Isn’t That a Grammar Mistake? – It’s true, grammatically the sentence should read, “Do Success Differently,” but we were trying to make a subtle and artistic point that we mean business. We’re serious about doing things differently, so much so that we’re willing to break grammar rules to do it.

Get your free download here: Be Prolific



Each of us were to keep our article between 300 and 500 words, and well if you read my blog you realize that is very difficult for me. Therefore I wrote the article and handed it over with free reign to edit as needed, lol :-).

Here’s my full post: Sheep Without a Shepherd.

Small Studies on Prayer



On two separate occasions I had the opportunity to share on the subject of prayer. Here are the PDF copies that I handed out to those that were at each event.

Pray In This Way

You can find the posts that developed as I processed through this study beginning here: God Forbid It

Praying for Our Children

You can find the posts that go deeper into the message that the Lord laid on my heart to share beginning here: Praying for Our Children

Preschool Catechisms With Proofs (PDF Download)



Here is the PDF download of the Preschool Catechisms with Proofs

I put this together from an internet search into catechisms for kids. I could not find a kid friendly current language of catechisms that also had proofs, so I compiled my own.

This is a whole year of catechisms. There are 52 catechisms in this PDF download. I would recommend exploring deeper into each catechism throughout the whole week. For example, when the week 2 catechism is:

2nd Week

Question: What else did God make?

Answer: God made all things.

Read Acts 17:25; Colossians 1:16; Psalm 33:6-7

Have your child memorize the catechism, but also spend the week digging deeper into Genesis 1-2.

Also please note that these are not built around a denominational persuasion. They are catechisms based on the foundation of the common Christian confession that Jesus is Lord and the only way to salvation.

May these be a blessing within your home!

Click here to get your free download: Preschool Catechism with Proofs

Here is the official ebook:

A Study in Colossians



I wrote this study through the book of Colossians as I was teaching through this book when my husband and I led the College and Career at our church. This study is written to take you through the book of Colossians verse by verse. It is written to help you dig into the book yourself. There is no denominational persuasion pushed within this study. The study is written to simply help you ask questions of the text as you dig into the Scriptures. There are suggestions for cross-references and word studies included.


Here are some sites I have found helpful as I study through the Word of God…



Bible Hub


As a reminder this study is written with the NASB translation. Below is your free downloadable copy…

A Study in Colossians


May the Lord bless you in the study of His Word!

Romans Study For Kids (PDF Download)


Here are the downloadable pdf files for the Romans Study For Kids Part One, Two, Three, Four and Five.

These cover the entire book of Romans verse by verse, precept upon precept.

Please excuse any typo’s and/or misspelled words. I honestly have not went back through these and edited them.

May these be a blessing for your family!

Romans Study for Kids Part One

Romans Study For Kids Part Two

Romans Study For Kids Part Three

Romans Study For Kids Part Four

Romans Study For Kids Part Five


It is finished 🙂