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I have been married to Patrick Vaughn for seventeen years. We have three beautiful girls together. I am a trained Precept Ministries Bible Study Leader. I have been leading Precept studies since 2004. I have also served as a Children’s Director and a Weekday Education Director. I am a speaker and writer and faithfully serve with my family at our home church, Central Baptist, in Decatur, AL.

I founded Proven Path Ministries because I desire to be used by God to help lead and encourage others. I hope to be used by God to help the lost find the proven path and the saved to persevere in their current journey on the proven path.

What is this proven path? The path of the Way and the Truth and the Life. The path of and to Christ!

I have tried other paths. The world’s path, my own way path, other people’s opinions path, and more. This is what I have learned… they all lead to destruction. There is only one path that has proven to lead to life and that is the Proven Path of Christ.

Come and walk it with me.

“A voice is calling,
‘Clear the way for the LORD in the wilderness;
Make smooth in the desert a highway for our God.'”
Isaiah 40:3


May God allow me to be a voice calling in your wilderness… if you are interested in how I came to learn to walk His Proven Path you can read my testimony hereA Salvation Experience

* To schedule a speaking engagement please email at nicolelhvaughn@provenpathministries.com

I am available for women’s, college, youth, children’s, or family/parenting conferences.



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