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Genesis Devotion by Nicole Halbrooks Vaughn

reviewed by Sara at Lost Island of Book Reviews

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Over the years I have read many different devotion books, from the standard short paragraph ones with a question and verse at the end, to the in depth ones where you are searching the Bible in detail.

What I found with this devotion is a fresh new perspective. This devotion is different from other ones I have read. There are no questions to answer, but a lot of verses throughout and wonderfully worded prayers at the end of sections. They are great reminders to always be in prayer.

Each section is filled with worded illustrations of the stories in a way that makes it easy to relate to. They show how the stories in Genesis are still relevant today. I loved the personal touch the author added which gives the material a relatable aspect.

We learn the great stories of the beginning, with the reminder that God will never leave us. The rainbow after the flood shows his love for us. Another important thing I came away with was the fact that our salvation is personal. We can’t save anyone else. It takes a personal obedience to Christ for it to be real. We can put our faith and trust in God for everything.

With the authors honest writing and ability to weave all the great truths into a book that is easy to read and understand, I look forward to reading more devotions on other books!

Sara is a wife and homeschool mom who resides in Orlando Fl with her family. Check out her blog Lost Island of Book Reviews for more information on authors and their writing.
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