He alone provides our peace
Opens our hearts, gives light to our eyes
Patiently He calls, awaits our pause
Engaging us here in the depths of our souls

Hear is voice so still so sweet
On bended knee hear Him speak
Praise His name with lips of thanks
Enter His gates with feet of dance

Hope in Him for our God is great
Order your steps to walk in His ways
Prove His Word with each step of faith
Exalt His name for His wondrous grace

Happy are all who call on His name
Our joy is full our sins erased
Placed as far as the east from west
Eternally secure in Christ is our rest

Hills may come yet even mountains flee
Ordered by Him obey even the wind and sea
Picture Him now in His glorious light
Ever sovereign on His brides behalf He fights

How beautiful my Savior- why in we He delights
Often we fail Him yet He softens His eyes
Purposed are we to be conformed into Him
Engraved on His heart to finish what He begins

Help is found in trusting His Word
Obedience to Him is the fruit He seeks
Pleasing to Him is the surrender to His will
Everlasting lovingkindness in Him be still


Adventskranz 1. Advent