April’s Autism Awareness Day 1



April is Autism Awareness Month. In honor of this month I am going to begin sharing the post of a family that lives in my community. I am a few days behind so I am just going to get straight to it. I will keep these post in a special category on my website. You will be able to find them and share them any time under the Autism Awareness category link.

This is the story of Alex Kallas… his parents are Andrea and Erik Kallas. His story is being told through the eyes and heart of his mother.

Austism Day 1

Today is Day #1 of Autism Awareness month, and I will be sharing various pictures/thoughts/facts throughout the month because honestly, Autism is a growing epidemic in our country! Today I am sharing a picture of our sweet Alex Рthis is when we noticed a HUGE change in Alex Рhe was 3 years old and Lincoln had just been born. 

This is a picture that a photographer took of him a couple of weeks after we started noticing the change in our sweet boy. A week after he had his first MMR shot along with a few others, Alex stopped making eye contact and was acting very different. Before that time, he had delays due to his Fetal AlcoholSyndrome and being in an orphanage for 13 months, but he was always happy and loved posing for the camera.

This was the only picture our photographer could get of Alex that day, and this photographer had done multiple photo shoots for us with Alex. His expression just looked blank, and he was no longer our happy boy. Alex officially got diagnosed with Autism in October 2007 at 3 1/2 years old, and that is when our first battle began – the battle to reach inside our precious son and help him learn to communicate with us.

More to come later….