April’s Autism Awareness Day 2/3


We continue Alex’s story…

Austism Day 2


This is one day late – Day 3 of Autism Awareness Month:

On my previous post, I talked about some of the behaviors that we started noticing in Alex after Lincoln was born. I am sure a lot of you will think that I was naive to not know anything about Autism or consider it a possibility, but I didn’t. I was concentrating on the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and what delays and issues we would be facing with it. I was researching about attachment disorders (common in Russian adoptions). And I was buying every children’s book I could find about adoption so we would know how to explain the adoption to Alex and how I would answer his questions as he got a little older. 

As the next 3 months went on, I knew something was going on with Alex. I would encourage mothers to always follow that “motherly instinct” – it has proved me right several critical times. However, all I would get from the pediatrician was “Alex is a special case”. And yes, he was a special case. When we adopted him at 13 months old, he only weighed 13 pounds. He couldn’t even sit up. He had spent 13 months alone in a crib and was rarely held.

It wasn’t until I was painting our home office one day and Erik came home early from work that we discovered exactly what Alex had. Jenny McCarthy was on Oprah, and she was talking about her son and his symptoms, and it was like she was describing everything about our sweet Alex. Erik and I looked at each other, and we knew. I immediately walked out of the house to go buy her book. I also went to search in our basement for a book that a friend’s mom had given us after we adopted Alex – “In the Eye of the Hurricane” by Juli C Liske (I had never read it). I poured through them, and I soon realized that Alex did indeed have Autism. Now it was time to get ready for that very long road ahead of us…

Autism Day 3