Resolving Conflict Learning Honor


For those that don’t know I am an affiliate with The National Center for Biblical Parenting. I absolutely love their stuff. I truly believe that their material offers the most effective common sense practical parenting help for all ages from every spectrum of the issues of life on the market. There stuff is not filled with a bunch of psychobabble and it teaches you how to use the Word of God as the foundation for your parenting.

Trust me I have read a lot of different parenting books… and these are the best. That’s why I choose to help promote them.

The next few weeks I will be offering free mp3 downloads from their store. Today’s download comes from the book,

Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes, In You and Your Kids

Here is some info on the content:

Families can thrive today. But success is more than just having two cars, a nice house, a dog, and 2.5 children. It has to do with character development and how equipped family members are to relate to others outside the family. It involves creating homes where children and adults are able to make mistakes and learn from them, growing spiritually, emotionally, and relationally with each other. Even families that have broken apart or who have suffered significant wounds can develop the qualities necessary to be successful. Single-parent families, blended families, and reconstructed families are all finding real solutions through honor.

The free download is the audio concerning sibling conflict… click the picture below and hopefully it will send you to the link to download the audio 😉

But just in case the picture click doesn’t work… here you go:

Sibling Conflict mp3

I also wanted include the Honor poster and the Character Definitions poster. These will be great to print off and hang somewhere in your home as a reminder on how we need to treat each other.



And of course here is my link to the Biblical Parenting store so that you may check out more from them, and by using this link to get there, anything you purchase helps support Proven Path as well 🙂

National Center for Biblical Parenting store