Raising Successful Kids


How do you define success? When you look at your kids and you try to imagine their future… what do you see?

Last week, in my post It’s a Sin to Bore People with the Bible, I shared a little about teaching the Scriptures to our kids in a fun way, and I also shared a link to download another free audio teaching from the NCBP from their book Say Goodbye to Whining, Complaining, and Bad Attitudes, In You and Your Kids. This audio teaching was based on raising successful kids by teaching them to be children of honor.

In this teaching you will be able to discern what you as a parent can do to teach honor in your home. It will also hopefully help you to look at your own life to see if you are a man or woman of honor. We as parents need to always ask ourselves, am I displaying the attitude and character that I expect to see in my children. We also need to ask ourselves, is the behavior I keep correcting in my kids merely their reflection of my own example.

We as adults might get frustrated with kids, but sadly it doesn’t take long too see that most kids are just doing what they have not been taught… but caught.

It has only taken two years of children’s ministry to learn this.

I have lost count of the times that I have walked into my children’s kitchen to find that someone has used the dryer or washer and instead of folding the items in there… they dump and pile them up on the counter. Instead of washing and putting away the dishes used, dishes are left dirty in the sink. Instead of returning the stapler borrowed… it’s never seen again. Instead of putting the supplies back where they got them, supplies are left thrown in the floor. Instead of throwing away the empty box, it’s left in the pantry or the fridge. Instead of throwing away something that is broken it’s left sitting out for someone to grab thinking it works and it’s not replaced because no one knows it needs to be. Instead of staying and helping clean up an event mess… it’s left for someone else to do… someone who will do it alone.

house rules


So if you are struggling with your children honoring you and honoring others… are they seeing you honor others? How do they see you treat your spouse? How do they see you treat the person checking you out at the department store? How do they see you treat the waiter at the restaurant? How do they see you treat your parents? How do they see you treat them?

 If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I gave you an example that you also should do as I did to you. 

John 13:14-15

I wrote a post several years ago, Honor Follows Honor, as I was reading through the Pursuit of God by AW Tozer. How we honor others and how we honor God will be reflected in our children and in the legacy we leave behind us. Are your children following in the footsteps of honor?

footsteps 1

footsteps 2

foosteps 3

footsteps 4

I took these photos several years ago as we were walking down the beach. My husband was walking in front and he had no clue that as he walked our youngest was trying to step her steps in his exact footprints. It so represented the truth of parenting and a father’s role in a child’s life that I had to capture it. If your children were to follow in your exact footprints where would they end up?

Would they become men and women of honor?

You can still get the one hour audio teaching on honor with practical real life examples on how to teach it in your home right here on my website. Just scroll down to the bottom of my last week’s post to Get Honor Audio Teaching.

As you listen to this teaching on honor you will catch some great little nuggets like these:

Just because you have a desire to lecture doesn’t mean your child has a desire to listen… Look for teachable moments. 
~ Scott Turansky

Whining and complaining is a kids way of trying to manipulate their parents into doing what they want.
~ Joanne Miller

Like I said those are just a couple of nuggets… there is a whole hour of some great practical parenting tools in there. Take advantage of these free offers!

Now today’s free audio download is from the book Parenting is Heart Work which is actually on special right now through the NCBP if you would like to go ahead and purchase the book. The free audio teaching I am offering today is on teaching your kids to listen to and follow instruction.

To get the free audio teaching just click here: Teaching Kids to Listen and Follow Instructions