I Can Never Thank HIM Enough



I can never thank Him enough.

She who’s been freed of much, freely loves and she who knows how she’s forgiven, how she gives thanks. She gives back everything.

It is possible to have a form of religion and not be formed by love for Christ.

And it’s possible to see the law but be blind to love.

And love that is Truth, no matter what, is what never fails…

Who feels such gratitude for their salvation in Christ that they live such affection for Christ?

Who can say just this, “Lord, you know all things, you know that I love you“? O Please, Lord… let it be said of us.

What’s greater proof to the world of the power of the gospel of Christ — than the world witnessing the power of profuse love for Christ?

~ Ann Voskamp


I sit here now… in the still of the afternoon… and tears are gathering pools in my eyes and my heart is stuck in the midst of my throat as I think of my Christ. It is always in this stillness that I find myself weeping… weeping out of adoration and really absolute confusion as to why the God of the universe the One, Holy, Perfect, and Pure would want me… and not just want me but trust me with Himself.

In these moments I want to shake every person I know that professes to know Him yet lives only for themselves…

I want to grab them by the shoulders and look deep into their eyes and scream WAKE UP!

I want to be found faithful. I don’t want to miss a single moment of loving Him, of living for Him, not one moment of obeying Him. I want to open up His Word and dig and dig and dig…

Digging in His Word  is like that kiss that leads to another kiss that begins to consume you and all you can think about is getting the kiss deeper and harder and warmer and longer and the hunger grows and grows and the kiss alone no longer satisfies. The hunger for communion, for unity, of becoming one fills your heart and mind and soul.

These moments hit and I want to look up every Greek and Hebrew word I want to dig deeper into the truth and I want to flip through every page of His Word knowing every part of it intimately and completely. Because knowing it means knowing Him. I want to dive into the mystery of all that He is and come up craving more and more of Him. I long for communion, for unity, of becoming one with Him. I long for hours and days alone with Him to just sit in His presence and rest in His strength… to fall at His feet and cry “teach me!”

Show me how to love You, how to honor You, how to live for You in this crazy fallen flesh…

In these moment I wonder if anyone loves Him like I do… and I become even more jealous for Him and my time with Him… He is my Beloved… mine. As this wedding band circles the finger of my left hand claiming me as my husband’s on this earth, His Spirit circles the depths of my being claiming me as forever His on this earth and for all eternity.

And I wonder… God do they know?

Do they know how well You will love them if they will surrender their hearts to Your hands?

I am one who can never thank Him enough… I am forever grateful for His love… His forgiveness… His mercy… His grace… His Word… His truth… His life. How ashamed I feel in those moments of this icking flesh that doubt and selfishness creep up my back…

I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine.