Would You Please

My second devotional is currently in the editing process. Devotions From Exodus will be available some time in the spring/summer. In the meantime I would love help in gathering reviews on Devotions From Genesis.

Here is the Google books link that will take you to Devotions From Genesis, It’s Not Just Ancient History online. I will send a printed copy of the book to the first ten people who contact me with their written review on Amazon or any other book retailer and/or own personal blog.

Help me spread and share the Word of God!

Just post the link to your review in the comments of this post or on Proven Path Ministries and I will contact you for your mailing address 🙂

Please know that you have no clue how hard posting this and making this request is for me… but I do so because I know my heart is not to promote me, but to preach Christ and Him crucified. Please know that I give away more books than I have ever sold and freely share my complete PDF version at no cost.

If you are interested in using my book as a free gift in your ministry please let me know and I will send you the PDF version at no cost.

My heart truly is to help people learn how to dig into the depths of the Word of God and to see how every word is relevant today. I want people to see the unchanging beauty of our God and the timeless treasure of His Word. Will you help me?

Here are a few of my editor’s comments concerning Devotions From Exodus Learning to Live (or Walk) in Freedom (I haven’t decided yet which one I like best, feel free to share your preference in subtitle with me now :-))

“The most important thing that you have accomplished in your work is that you are able to share to your readers your thorough research on the Old Testament of the Bible, particularly on the life of the pharaoh, Moses, and the people of Israel. You do this by discussing the birth of Moses and how a Hebrew child freed the Lord’s children in Israel and relating this in our modern-day living. The Bible passages that you cited, as well as the personal experiences that you shared, strengthen your argument. The prayers that you provide after each topic discussed also guide your readers on what to be thankful for and what to ask from the Lord.

The typical readers of your book are Christian men and women in their late teens and up. Church leaders could also benefit from reading your book as this would guide them in their sermons. The thorough discussions on what happened during the time of Moses would also give them points that need to be emphasized in their discussions with the flock”

~ Tyler Worsham

Would you please help me?


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