Thankful For The Mess



How easily we forget that our messes are our treasures.

I have finally finished listening to Lorrie Flem’s mp3 message

                                                                                                        Daily Treasures 

It truly was a blessing.

I sit here now writing this last minute review as a mother overwhelmed. I have been sick for a month, have been run ragged by my own commitments, and by helping my children to keep their commitments, as I play taxi and finder of everything lost. The laundry is behind, the sink is full of dirty dishes, the floors need mopped… again. I have been interrupted at least a dozen times this morning as I try to write this with phone calls from my husband and “Momma, I can’t find it!”… well I could go on, but I won’t.

Because these today are not my list of complaints.

Today these are reminders of my many blessings.

So let me start over.    

I sit here now writing this last minute review as a mother overwhelmed. Even though I have been sick for a month my sickness has not caused me to be unable to meet the needs of my family and ministry. I am thankful that I am run ragged because it means that somehow God has enabled me to not only keep my own commitments but has also enabled me to help my children to keep their commitments. I thank God that I have reliable transportation and gas money so that I can play taxi for my girls. I also am thankful that God has blessed me with my supermom x-ray vision and supersonic brain GPS internal tracking system so that I can be the finder of everything lost. I am thankful that my family has enough clothing to have so much laundry that I actually am able to get behind on it. I am thankful that we have a house full of food and are able to eat and fill the sink full of dirty dishes. I am thankful that the floors need mopped… again, because it means my loved ones, my treasures, have been close to me all week and their physical presence is in our home. I am so grateful to have been interrupted at least a dozen times this morning as I try to write this with phone calls from my husband because it means he thinks of me when he is gone and I am the one he wants to share all his news with first. I am thankful for the interruptions of “Momma, I can’t find it!” in the middle of the morning because it means my children are home with me and I still have the great and awesome privilege of homeschooling them.

I am thankful for the mess. For the mess of motherhood. For the mess of family… because it is a blessing from my God. I am surrounded by treasures. Daily treasures… they call me Wife and they call me Momma. They are my priority before all else only coming behind my God… so I am thankful that this review is last minute because it means that this week I had my priorities in proper place.

I have spent the month making memories and recording my treasures as they were off to see the Wizard of Oz. My girls were in a play that required a lot of practice and they performed ten shows. I spent the month recording them in my mind and on my phone and with my camera. I spent the month texting the adorable things they said and did to my husband when he could not be there because he was at work providing for us. It didn’t matter that the laundry piled up, or the sink, or that there are a few spots in the floors that your sock might stick too… I made memories with my treasures.

I was reminded that I made the right choice as I listened to Daily Treasure by Lorrie Flem, like she said, one day they will not need a taxi, one day the dishes will only be for two, one day it will take longer for the laundry to actually pile up… and I almost cry now thinking about that day. So I think I am going to choose to enjoy today’s treasure now and be oh so very thankful for the mess.



*Disclaimer: I receive Eternal Encouragement products for free in return for an honest review



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