Supper Time


Well, last night I cooked my first real meal in our new home. We closed on our house on July 26th and began moving in that day. We had some strong men come from our church and they helped us get most of our belongings over to our new home that following Saturday and then some wonderful women at our church and my mother-in-law prepared some delicious meals for us… so we have thus far survived on their dietary blessings during our settling in time.

I began reading Lorrie Flem’s book “What’s For Dinner, Mom?” before our move around the 1st part of June. However I was surrounded in boxes, all the cook books packed up, because we were supposed to be moving, and well cooking was not at all anything I desired to do in the mess and stress we were living in.

You see cooking stresses me out all by itself.

When my children ask me “What’s for dinner, Mom?” I usually respond with “FOOD!

and if you’re hungry you will eat it no matter what it is”

So the book was closed and then the internet was disconnected and the pots and pans and dishes were packed up as well.

Now we are pretty close to being settled, all our supplied meals have been depleted and eating out quickly loses its “fun” and well you can only have so many bowls of cereal for supper before the husband has finally had it… so I opened up Lorrie’s book again.

I was encouraged.

I was encouraged because I saw that she was just as much a train wreck in the kitchen as I. So after reading the first several chapters I was inspired to prepare a meal for my family and inspired to plan to always prepare meals for my family.

So yesterday morning I layed out the chicken to thaw, Googled a 5 ingredient or less recipe, decided on some sides and was ready to have an answer when my family asked “What’s for dinner?

Then 30 minutes before time to start dinner, I changed my mind on the meal… (yes, see stress, lol)

I saw another recipe, but needed more chicken, so out to the freezer I go, into the microwave defrost the chicken goes, a whole new plan for sides is thrown together, oven is preheating, water is waiting to go to boiling, and I am cooking.

So after only two hand burns, and one hour of prep and cook time, I was able to say, “Supper’s ready

Now Lorrie’s book is filled with tons of ideas and lots of words of encouragement.



The book is really focused on bulk cooking and utilizing your freezer. I don’t know how well the bulk cooking would work in our home, but she has encouraged me to think about and I just might try it…

However even if the bulk cooking is not for you or your family this book is well worth the read. It did at the very least inspire this woman to enter the kitchen and to begin to see feeding my family as part of my ministry to them instead of something like “Ugh… really why can’t you people just have a sandwich…” 


*** I received this product for free from EE Magazine for an honest review