Overwhelmed With His Grace


A year ago I sat at this very same computer and wrote how I was overwhelmed… but I was overwhelmed with me, with issues, with frustrations, with junk… today I sit here as a woman overwhelmed again.

However this time, I am overwhelmed with Him. Today I am overwhelmed with His grace and His goodness.

I wish I could take you into my head and heart even deeper. I wish I could show you the battles that I have fought. I wish that you could see how faithful He has been… some of you reading this know.

You have prayed with me, stood by me, and fought with me through your prayers and words of encouragement and through constantly taking me back to the Word of my God.

You have interceded on my behalf, you have been faithful to send that text, write that card, make that call, say those words, pray that prayer, do that thing, when the Holy Spirit prompted you… and because you did… you were used by Him to help keep hope, faith, and love alive in me.

Never, ever, ever, underestimate the power of a kind word, a small gesture, a simple sincere how are you doing? They are more powerful than you can even imagine.

After finishing my study of the book of Job this morning, I sat on the couch overwhelmed with sobs as I was washed over with a wave of His grace. His abundant, sufficient, amply supplied grace. I am so undeserving of it, but He gives it any way.

Oh how I pray that when others see me, when others hear me speak His name, when they hear me share His truth, they can grasp that I mean what I say because I know that from the depth of my being that HE means what HE says.

He is good, so very good.

He has never failed me.

His Word has won every battle I have ever fought.

I don’t know where you are at. I don’t know what you are going through. I do know that if you will fall into Him He will rescue you and He will redeem you, and He will restore you. I can’t promise you it will be immediate. You may even think He has forgotten you. You may doubt He is even there, but hold on to the memory, the mere thought, the smallest hope in Him… and trust His Word. Be obedient to His Word no matter how much your mind and others around you call it foolishness. Trust and obey Him and leave the consequences of your trust and obedience in His hands as you rest in the absolute assurance of His eternal goodness and lovingkindness.

He is there.

He has a plan.

He has a purpose.

I know that You can do all things,

And that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted

Job 42:2