>Organizing Happiness Review

Dwelling on the problem doesn’t take you closer to the solution. If you eat candy all day, you’ll be sick. Likewise, if you put junk into your mind all day, you’ll be sick. If you want to be happier, feed your mind a happier diet. ~ Lorrie Flem

The above quote is just one little bite of the bite-size words of encouragement and tips for you to chew on as you read through Organizing Happiness by Lorrie Flem. This book is one that you can easily read in one sitting but it is filled with counsel that will be beneficial for a lifetime.

I read the title and was a little skeptical thinking how in the world can you “organize” happiness? Then after reading the book I saw the point of the title. So many times as a wife and mother my unhappiness comes from frustrations that are rooted in disorganization.

You know, “What do you mean you mean you can’t find your library book? It’s due back today!”  or “Are we not on our way to basketball practice? Why would you not need your basketball shoes for basketball practice?” and then there’s always the “Ugh, I can’t believe I forgot the… (fill in the blank)”

As a wife and mother the “to do list” is ever growing and never ending… so I will take all the help, and insight, and pointers I can get, and there were some pretty good tid bits in this book.

One of my favorites being “Never give up on your husband and children”

Yes I am guilty of the thought, “I quit! I am packing up and running away because all anyone will miss is the clean laundry”

So I don’t know about you, but I am always in need of encouragement and my eyes and ears are always open to good advice on how to be the best wife and mother that I can be in the grace of God. I also need that advice to be something that I can actually utilize in my life. I need it to be simple and practical because I am indeed a simple and practical kinda girl. 

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May you be abundantly blessed in Christ!