Never Gonna Happen


I received this Eternal Encouragement product with rolling eyes as I read the title of the product I was to review. I really had no desire to read the piece. The topic of this months review is also the topic of one of my and my husband’s most repeated place of conflict. We have two big topics of conflict that all of our disagreements seem to center around… communication skills and today’s review topic… time management.


I so look forward to eternity because time will no longer be an issue. I mean really, 24 hours in one day just is not a lot of time… especially when this body of mine thinks it has to sleep… I liked it much better when I was younger and could function magnificently on just a couple of hours of sleep… now for some reason both my mind and body rebel against me if I ever get under 5 hours.

So reluctantly I opened the file and began to read… with all my excuses and reasons for knowing that whatever Lorrie had to share would be completely irrelevant to our family and especially to me… because she has no clue what our life is like. A schedule, a routine, well it’s never gonna happen in this house.

Ah yes, my rebellious spirit at work!

So I began to read (while in the midst of my latest marital disagreement on time and my husband’s concern of my mismanagement and over-commitments) and… well… ugh.

Would you believe that Lorrie had the audacity to address every single excuse I had… I mean really, the nerve of the woman!

So attention moms this is probably well worth the read… It was for me.

I am well aware that each day the Lord gives me is a gift and it is meant to be lived purposefully and for His glory. These hours are His… I am simply a steward of them. I must come each day before Him and sit at His feet to see what He would have me do with each day… but I also should come and sit at His feet and ask Him to help me to direct each week, each month, each year…

  The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

Proverbs 16:9

Did you know that the word “time” is used at least 726 times in the Word of God? At least 726 Scriptures refer to time… that’s crazy… crazy and I am guessing that makes it important as well. So my first time management mission will be to manage the time to put together a time management schedule under the advice that Lorrie shares…  and well we will see. I know that I am tired of being tired, and tired of being late because it took me at least three trips back into the house to actually get everything in the car so that I could even leave to meet one of my commitments, and I am tired of time just getting away from me…

   There is an appointed time for everything.

And there is a time for every event under heaven—

Ecclesiastes 3:1

God assures us that we have plenty of time for everything that He has purposed and for every event under heaven… If He said it I believe it so I guess I better get a little more serious and purposeful about this time thing.

*** I received this product from Eternal Encouragement for an honest review.