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Join me at my Proven Path Ministries FB Page for a five day study with Kay Arthur and Joel Rosenburg: “Understanding The Last Days.”

Kay writes, “Fellow believer, we’re living in the end times . . . and you’re a big part of them! Wouldn’t you like to know more about them? What’s coming and why? As the days approach, what kind of opposition can I expect? Does God expect me to warn people—my friends, acquaintances? Is there good news ahead I can share with them . . . or just bad? Is God sovereign or helpless over bad things as well as good?

You’ll get all this and more as we sit at Jesus’ feet to learn God’s prophetic Word.

We’ll also get Joel Rosenberg’s take on one of the storms approaching Israel —the Apple of God’s eye. Author of several geopolitical thrillers—The Last Jihad, The Last Days, The Copper Scroll and The Ezekiel Option—Joel will give us insights he has gathered from his own interviews with key international figures. This will be an adventure you won’t soon forget!”

For the next five days, beginning today, I will post the Bible study questions along with the Precepts for Life video that accompanies the study on my Facebook page. I would love to have you join me in this study.

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