Phil Waldrep Ministries


Phil Waldrep Ministries seeks to provide Biblical truth with practical application. From the thousands who gather at our conferences every year to hear the hearts of speakers and artists to the singular person seeking the word of God wherever he goes, the heartbeat of Phil Waldrep Ministries is Encouragement for Life. We seek to encourage people by taking basic principles of scripture and putting them in a format where they can be easily applied to changes lives.

We believe that God’s message never changes but the methods that we use to share them is constantly evolving. Our team is seeking always the new methods for communicating and creative ways of sharing God’s word.

We also know that we are competing with a world that promises much and gives little. That is why we are committed to doing things at a level that honors our Lord while remaining sensitive to the costs associated. We call this Excellence Without Excess.

With the strength and support of our donors, we can help Christians everywhere find the life-change that comes through encouragement.

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The writing and teachings of Nicole Love Halbrooks Vaughn